JSSQL Framework

This framework is based on MVC, it inherits the Advantages of MVC:

  • Faster development process
  • Ability to provide multiple views
  • Support for asynchronous technique
  • Modification does not affect the entire model
  • MVC model returns the data without formatting

Through the code generator which comes with this framework, it fixed some disadvantages of MVC:

  •  MVC has an increased complexity of code. This is fixed by the code generator.
  •  MVC has an inefficiency of data access in view, will be corrected by sending and receiving data through a stored procedure.
  •  Knowledge on multiple technologies is required in order to operate MVC, solved by a transparent middle layer, the user will only need to know JS and sql.
  •  Developer must have knowledge of client side code and html code, a lesser extent of knowledge is required for the code generator.

Download NewJSV3En.zip v1.0


When I started to use MVC framework I found that it was too complex. The MVC framework which I was using has 5 files for each page: page.js, page.html, entity.cs, controller.cs, service.cs.

  • page.html: forms the layout.
  • page.js: shows the page elements(datagrid, button, input…) through JQuery and EasyUI.
  • entity.cs: maps table columns.
  • service.cs: does the data jobs(insert, delete, update, select);
  • controller.cs:  transfers data between js and service.

When you add one page, you need add the 5 files. Every time, when the page table changed, the whole 5 files need be changed too.

After I used it, I found the entity, service, and controller can be combined together to one controller. This controller doesn’t belong any page, so one controller can face muti-pages.

The controller will only transfer the page request to the stored procedure and will return the results back to the page. The stored procedure does the all data jobs(insert, delete, update, select).

The page and stored procedure’s relation will also be saved in an action table.

JSSQL Code generator

The code generator can convert the selected tables to the corresponding JS, SQL, and code (c#, php, java) based on the selected templates and modules. JSSQL framework will inherit the complex shortcomings of the MVC system structure and implementation, and the generator solves this problem. By properly setting up the parameters, a complex page and corresponding program can be generated immediately.

The characteristics of the generator:

  • One click generation: by clicking the mouse, simple settings can generate complex pages, stored procedures and corresponding programs.
  • Support for multiple tables: one page can perform multi table operations. Tables that conform to the agreed table can automatically generate table relational calls.
  • Support for flow: (under development), set up the flow through the graphical interface, test, and generate the flow control program.

How to use it

The JSSQL framework acquiescence a demo user, the user is simple in function and can only generate simple pages. You need to register an account for normal use. Click login and click registration, fill in the corresponding information, confirm email and login with your account.

After login, enter “Account info” > “My Plan”, copy the plan key and user key and paste to the web.config file.

User type

  • Demo user: uses demo plan. Generate DataGrid and display data only.
  • general users: uses basic plan, daily limit to generate 500K code.
  • Paid users: uses basic plan and upgrade packages can be used to generate 20M programs daily.
  • Advanced users: uses basic plan, upgrade plan and advanced plan daily restrictions to generate 100M code, customizable templates and packages.